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For cultural survival, sustainable livelihoods, and a thriving community through ecotourism.



DawnFor centuries our caravans have travelled these mountains, their songs bringing life to the valleys. For the last few decades our voices lay silent. Now in changed circumstances we are readying to take control of a new tourism industry with community responsibility, cultural survival, and ecological sustainability at the forefront.

This newly revamped web site highlights our efforts and offerings as part of the Mountain Shepherds Initiative, a newly formed community-owned and operated ecotourism company that grew out of our famous Nanda Devi Campaign for cultural survival and sustainable livelihoods. Our guides hail from communities all over the upper reaches of the Himalayas and have been trained at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering through the generous support of countless friends, scholars, and like-minded organizations.

Please feel free to peruse its contents and contact us for further information on how you can arrange your travel plans. Our folk memory goes back centuries, who then can introduce you to the Himalayas better than we can!

Past Treks

Even before its inception, Mountain Shepherds and its affiliates have been facilitating excursions, treks, and university-level courses in the Niti Valley and beyond.
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Special Events

Mountain Shepherds has raised the banner of socially equitable and locally-owned ecotourism through community mobilizations and cultural events.
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Trek Itinerary Videos

Mountain Shepherds has prepared several short clips highlighting the possibilities available to trekkers in the Uttarakhand Himalayas.
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