Burans! (circa 1994 Uttarakhand Movement)

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As a confederation of the various theatre groups, writers and activists, Uttarakhand Sanskritic Morcha was formed in August 1994 to provide creative support to the Uttarakhand Statehood Movement. The founder president of USM was theatre activist Ashok Chakraborty (Dada). Later on Thakur Beer Singh of the Akhil Garhwal Sabha, Dehradun, was elected as the President.

USM organized a wide range of activities during the Uttarakhand movement including staging of street plays, organizing state level workshops, publication of books/posters besides direct participation in the agitation. Presented here are few songs of the period. This particular cassette Uttarakhand Key Rangeet was released by USM in 1994. In the absence of a proper recording studio at Dehradun, Shakti Samuha, Mumbai (Naithani Family) sponsored and organized the recordings at Mumbai. Special thanks to Jyothi !

Madan Duklan wrote this song in September 1994 while traveling back to Dehradun from Delhi. Duklan shared his initial draft with USM members at Tip Top Restaurant on Chakrata Road, Dehradun. Grish Sundriyal (Mamu) did the initial composing along with adding the last para of Kitaktaal. Singer Mrs. Shampa Pakrashi as a concerned Indian provided her valuable support. Shampa Ji is a Mumbai based teacher of Hindustani Classical Vocal