Introducing the Dayara Bugyal Circuit

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The Dayara-Dodital-Darwa Top – Hanumanchatti circuit in Uttarkashi offers a more taxing but equally rewarding wilderness experience. The Bakariya Pass usually remains open between May and mid November. The trek covers three major river valleys in the upper Himalayan region. You approach the trail by driving upstream of river Bhagirathi and take a detour at Bhatwari for Barsu village. Your trek starts from Barsu and after reaching Dayara Bugyal you descend to the Assi Ganga Valley. After crossing the river you regain height to reach Dodital and Darwa Top. The forests are dense and represent one of the richest habitats of avian fauna in the Himalayas. The 6 Km trek from Dodital to Darwa Top is your lifetime opportunity to witness the regal flight of Monal pheasant, the State bird of Uttarakhand. After camping at Bakariya Pass you enter the watershed of river Yamuna. With one more camp at Seema meadows, you conclude your trek at Hanumanchatti and drive the same day to Mussoorie or Dehradun.

Animated Google Earth flyovers have been prepared for those interested in previewing the trekking route:

Download KML Download KMZ

Trek Itinerary:


1 Drive from Dehradun/Rishikesh to village Barsu (2240 meters). Overnight in tents/ lodge as per your choice.
2 After breakfast, trek 5 Km to Barnala campsite (2990 Meters). Post lunch, explore around Barnala. Overnight in tents.
3 Trek to Dayara (3440 meters).Post lunch explore till Surya Top. Overnight in tents.
4 Trek to Morapada Campsite (2695 meters).
5 On day five you first descend to cross the Assi Ganga river below village Agoda at 19030 meters and regain height to 2274 meters till Bebra, your next overnight stop. Overnight in Shepherd’s lodge.
6 Trek 14 Km to Dodital (3085 meters). Overnight in tents or forest rest house as per your choice.
7 Trek 8 Km to Darwa top (4150 meters) and return to Bakriya Pass 3083 meters for overnight camping.
8 Trek to lower Seema 2600 meters. Overnight in tents.
9 2 hours trek to Hanumanchatti and drive to Dehradun/Mussoorie.

Please note: In case you are not interested in camping at higher elevations or the trek experiences bad weather you can plan your return trek to Sangamchatti within the same duration. In case you are just interested in visiting Dayara Bugyal, the itinerary is for 6 days.

Itinerary Video

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Just Dayara (6 Days)

  • Solo: Rs. 17000/pax
  • Pax 2: Rs. 11000/pax
  • Pax 3-4: Rs. 10000/pax
  • Pax 5-10: Rs. 8500/pax

Dayara-Dodital-Darwa Top – Sangamchatti (9 Days)

  • Solo: Rs. 26000/pax
  • Pax 2: Rs. 18500/pax
  • Pax 3-4: Rs. 15400/pax
  • Pax 5-10: Rs. 13000/pax

Dodital-Darwa Top – Hanumanchatti (9 Days)

  • Solo: Rs. 28000/pax
  • Pax 2: Rs. 19500/pax
  • Pax 3-4: Rs. 16900/pax
  • Pax 5-10: Rs. 13500/pax

Offer includes:

  1. All food, forest entry permit and camping charges after arrival at base camp.
  2. Two and four men tents based on the group strength.
  3. Safe drinking water during trek.
  4. Baggage transfer by mules/porters subject to maximum 10 Kg. load/pax.
  5. Certified guides and instructors during the trek.
  6.  Toilet tents on the meadows.

What’s not included:

  1. Transport from Dehradun to our base camp and back.
  2. Food bills during your travel to Uttarkashi and back


  1. Physical fitness, preferably health check up by a qualified medical practitioner as the trek involves moderate levels of difficulty with elevation gain of 4200 meters
  2. Desirable expedition behavior and discipline.
  3. Strict adherence to environmental and responsible tourism guidelines.
  4. Prior intimation in case of any specific allergies or medical history.

Payment options:

By net banking, check drop, electronic invoicing or paypal.