Appalachian Students helping out in LataMountain Shepherds is keenly interested in upgrading our skills and increasing the accessibility of our tours in keeping with the progressive spirit of the groundbreaking Nanda Devi Declaration.

We feel that mountain tourism needs to be transformed holistically. The creation of a separate mountain state in 2000 has opened opportunities for the mountain communities to actually own the tourism business and redefine the present approach which has relegated our role to support service providers. Mountain Shepherds is a humble step in this transformation. We are also fully aware of the consequences of liberating the genie of tourism and therefore are gearing up to tame her to dance to our tunes and not vice versa. Further we would like to broaden our clientele base by making adventure tourism accessible to those sections who have so far remained neglected in this sector. This was envisaged under the Nanda Devi Declaration of 2001 and now is the time to actualize it.

To be specific we seek guidance of eminent institutions and Masters to bless us with knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Adventure tourism and mountaineering for the physically challenged
  • Catering to the needs of senior citizens in adventure and tourism
  • Backpacking and camping with children
  • Benchmarking of resource profiles and embedded monitoring systems
  • Micro credit management
  • Marketing and networking

If you have any such expertise in both the policy and practical realms, please contact us at