Portfolio (Special Events)

Special Events held by the Nanda Devi Campaign and Mountain Shepherds


Historical-Cultural Map of Uttarakhand

First released in 2007 at a special function hosted by PAHAR and Mountain Shepherds, this ...


Leaving Winter Transhumant Field Study

Ian Snider and Kelly Sheets will be sharing the culture of Appalachia as they accompany ...


Nanda Devi Women’s Festival 2007

The Fourth Annual Nanda Devi Women’s Festival was held in Lata village on Indian Republic ...


Historic Nanda Devi Trek Draws World Women

JOSHIMATH, 18 Oct, 2006: This past weekend, the last of three international teams departed for ...


First Mountain Shepherds Trainees Graduate

A unique graduation ceremony took place at the Nerhu Institute of Mountaineering on Saturday, where ...


Capacity Building and Training through Mountain Shepherds

The training of local youth to participate in the local economy is integral to any ...