Portfolio (Special Events)

Special Events held by the Nanda Devi Campaign and Mountain Shepherds


Nanda Devi Women’s Festival 2006

On India’s 56th Republic Day, Lata village continued the fast evolving tradition of hosting an ...


Artists’ Camp Supports Nanda Devi

DEHRADUN (July 2, 2005): A workshop for painters and sculptors organised by Delhi's 'Nav Siddhartha ...


Nanda Devi Women’s Festival 2005

Following up on the first successful Nanda Devi Women’s Festival that coincided with the Thirtieth ...


Painting Hopes: Nanda Devi Artists’ Workshop 2004

Over twenty artists from the Uttarakhand Kalakar Samiti made their way to Lata over the ...


Chipko Anniversary

Villages of the Niti Valley commemorate the direct action that saved their community forests and ...


Chipko Anniversary Greetings

The following messages were translated and posted in the Lata village square as part of ...